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  • Feb 21
    News Improved UI/UX for the service

    You can now view your monitored computers as cards or as a list. We also added visual alerts for computers or servers not updating information since a while.

  • Feb 20
    News mcZoom 1.0.3 is available

    This new version is now available in English and French languages. It's also fixing an issue, improving some computer information.

  • Feb 17
    News Browse the web in another language

    You can now browse our website in multiple languages. There is a new language selector available at the top and right. If you see any typo in your language, send a support request and we will fix it.

  • Feb 16
    News New YouTube channel

    We are inviting you to discover the new MacProline channel where you can see a demonstration of mcZoomOn application. We will add tutorials in the coming weeks.

  • Feb 15
    News Improved support website

    As we believe that great technical support is key to strong user satisfaction, we tweaked many things. You can add attachments to your support requests, even to your replies (an account is needed). You will automatically receive notifications of answers and you can close a ticket when a problem is solved. We love feedback and new ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Feb 14
    News Paypal payment option now available

    We added a new Paypal option to purchase macZoomOn app. For volume discounts, always use the credit card option.

  • Feb 12
    News mcZoomOn 5.0.2 is available

    This version is fixing few issues on some computers. If you installed version 5 or 5.0.1, read the FAQs to learn how to update.

  • Feb 07
    News Introducing mcZoomOn 5

    With this native app built for Macs with Intel or Apple Silicon processors (universal binary), you can survey the behavior of your own computer locally. This application is never connected to our service.

    It's a standalone app and simple app with a cool UI/UX, animations and great widgets with options (formerly xScan).

    More information

    Any Mac computer with macOS 10.9 or later versions.

  • Feb 05
    News Our service is now available

    We are very happy to announce that MacZoom service is available . You can download our native app built for Macs with Intel or Apple Silicon processors and start monitoring your computers from a great dashboard. The data of computers is updated every 5 minutes. 


    A FREE trial plan allows you to monitor up to 2 computers.

  • Nov 28
    News Coming soon

    We are building a service simple to use like a Mac. Thanks for your patience.

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